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Monday, June 14, 2010

Amazon Kindle - Review

Books, books, books... who needs 'em? It seems with the this new, grand, age of technology many other mediums are becoming obsolete. One of these dying worlds is that of books, and how we read the words they possess. We used to love holding a hard copy book in our hand, rummaging through the pages, just smelling the new paper; the key word is used to.

Now all we care about are eBooks, the new medium for reading. They're digital, they're convenient, and above all they're cheap. Not to sound overused, but in this kind of economy... who wouldn't prefer eBooks?

The fact is eBooks aren't going away and neither are the eBook readers. There are many different kinds of eBooks readers, some with extra features, and some lacking.

Here is a Review on the Amazon Kindle:

The Amazon Kindle:

Price: $250


  • Has a vast network of eBooks to choose from over the ‘Whispernet’. This is gives exclusivity to the content it has, but can also prove to be limiting. The Kindle International expanded that network to include over 100 countries. No PC needed to download new content, therefore very portable.
  • It can store up to 1500 books at one time, but there is not option for an external hard drive. So if you ever got enough books to fill up the memory, and you wanted more, you would have to delete some books.
  • Keyboard for making notes.
  • Option to change the font size to whatever wanted. No more too small fonts, or overly large fonts; you can find exactly the size for you. A nice customization feature.
  • Read aloud text. Great for driving, or for kids to learn how to read.


  • No Wi-Fi included.
  • The downside of it now becoming international is that some countries will charge you an extra fee to download extra content.
  • Battery is built in and cannot be removed.
  • It’s eBook format is exclusive and therefore limiting if you ever want content outside of the Kindle store.

The Bottom Line: The Kindle in the king of eBook readers. It has the most features and s the most accessible. If you really think it's time to indulge into the digital medium, I suggest you take the plunge with the Amazon Kindle.

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