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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Travel Insurance

How important is travel insurance?  You tell me. 

Imagine the scenario:

You're out enjoying yourself, seeing the sights, having adventure.   One day, while you're exploring the town, you are mugged and all your money is stolen.  Suddenly you are stranded with no money, no place to stay.  If you had travel insurance you would easily be covered for this situation, but you don't.  Sounds scary doesn't it?

Which one do you need?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sony Pushes Back 3D Firmware Update

Sony which recently has taken the initiative to lead the new 3D Video Games market has announced that the firmware update to include such change won't happen until October.

The announcement stated "Sony is pretty interested in pushing the combination of 3D and motion tracking technology as the future of video games, hoping to capture more of the market than Microsoft, who is not yet pushing three dimensions as something crucial to the Xbox 360."

It's pretty clear that the video game world isn't big enough for both Sony and Microsoft; in the next few years someone will have to take over, and this is Sony's push to be that leader.

It will interesting to see how this all plays out.  In the end it's in the hands of the gamer.

Check out the complete article here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sony to lead 3d revolution

Looks like Sony isn't ready to hang the skates up just yet.  In a press release it was stated, "SCE CEO Kaz Hirai says PlayStation plays a vital role in the 3D master plan, which involves almost every part of Sony’s business."

The fact is is that Microsoft and nintendo have been out competing Sony over the last few years; and the fact is, if Sony is to survive, that 3d is their only chance. As long as someone has the courage to make 3d games, I won't mind.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Future of 3D Gaming

Time to take a little break from my series on Xbox Kinect.  That's all good and great, but it's not really getting to the meat of the problem.  It's more of... postponing it.  What about the real future of 3D Video Games - is there even one?

According to Microsoft's Chris Lewis there is one.  Although it may take a few more years until it's actually realized.

Lewis says, "We are two to three years away from that, till the price point comes down, till the experience is sufficiently social, that you don’t sit there with big glasses on and don’t talk to your family..."   In other words Lewis believes that for 3D to become successful and marketable and first has to become socially acceptable.  That means, yes, 3D without glasses, as well as games that can do more than just be trivial center pieces. 

3D could also come sooner to some systems and later to others.  Currently Sony is the leader in 3D TV's and this could mean that they will be the first to create an abundance of 3D games.   In fact the PlayStation store already has 3D games available to download - if you have a 3D TV which supports it. 

A spokesperson for Sony has stated, "PlayStation has always been about outstanding entertainment.   The stereoscopic 3D collection showcases the depth of technology behind PS3 and gives us a feel for the potential for future releases."

It seems there is a new battle that is about to be waged in the gaming world...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before 3D We Have Kinect - Kinect Sports

I`d like to continue this little series of Kinect blog posts.  It's the most notable change occurring in the video game industry, as well as the closest that world is getting to 3D.  It's a more interactive way of gaming, more so than the Wii, and if the marketplace (both casual and hardcore alike) accept it - well - 3D games is just the next step.  Right?  I hope so. 

Kinect sports is just how it sounds.  It's a sports game, like Wii sports, except much more interactive.  The biggest difference between Kinect Sports and  Wii Sports is that there is no need for controllers.  The technology just has you stand in a general vicinity of the Kinect console and it will analyze and compensate from there - it will even follow you around.  Talk about being in a different world. 

Check out a hands on video:

It's the future.  Let's embrace the change. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Before 3D We Have Kinect

The change into 3D Video Games isn't as easy as a process changing the movie industry into 3D.  No, that in comparison, was easy.  The video game world is much more stubborn, much more matriculate in its change, much more... detailed in how it wants its world to be.  If that all sounded it a bit vague and preposterous, that`s okay - that was the point.  The medium of video games is one of the newest mediums out there - we`re still trying to gain respect and acceptance from the rest of the market - so the truth is we don`t actually know what we want.  We need to revolutionize slowly.

And that may mean changing other technology first, and getting to the 3D part later (ignore Nintendo, they're there own tangent.)  

And this change comes in the form of the Xbox Kinect.  It's like the Wii, but is much more advanced, and has a much greater appeal.  It's able to attract both the casual gamers and the hardcore: this is good, since both these populations are what make the world of video games go round.  But first let's focus on casual.  They will be the hardest to convince that 3D is the future of gaming; we have to go slow, ease them into change.

And this is where Kinect, and Kinect Fitness comes in.  Check it out:

For those of you want to get in shape the old fashioned way - void of any virtual interaction - then check out Ab Ripper X and p90x Chest and Back Workout.  They'll whip you into shape, I promise you. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

The 3D of Nintendo 3DS

The future is here. 3D technology is on the rise, with movies like Avatar being the torch holder. Personally I love 3D technology; I think it enhances the movie experience ten fold, and is going to be a main foundation for the future entertainment industry. It's just the most suitable next step. After 3D, well... Star Trek holodeck anyone?

The gaming industry is also taking notice of this recent rise in 3D popularity, with Nintendo trying to grab hold of the reins. Recently it was announced that a new DS would be coming out later this year, and it would be a DS that was 3D.

Initial reactions?

This won't work. This is the end of the DS. What is Nintendo thinking?

Kind of sounds like the reaction when the Wii was announced, doesn't it? If we've learned anything over the years is that Nintendo usually knows what its doing. The company always knows when to seize the moment. If Avatar was the catalyst for movies, then the 3DS is that same thing for the gaming world.


Time to look at the different aspects of the 3DS. The most notable question everyone is asking is what kind of 3D will the DS posses? Will it require glasses?

The 3D of Nintendo 3DS
  • The 3D technology of the DS is called Lenticular Viewing. This type of 3D technology does`t require glasses. Let me repeat. Does. Not. Require. Glasses. Anyone cheering yet? That was the biggest concern when the system was announced, and Nintendo was shrewd enough to know that if they wanted to have any kind of success they needed to not have glasses.
  • So what is Lenticular Viewing? It uses a 3D technology that causes the image emitted to be emitted in two different ways. The eyes then receive each image and the brain is given the illusion of depth and 3D. Kind of like looking through a window. The problem, or downfall, of this technology is that the user has to hold the DS a certain distance away, and can't move or shake the DS in any wild manners. Talk about a very subdued gaming experience.
  • The games so far look promising, although a little gimmicky. They don't try and do any pop-outs like early 3D movies, but instead try to enhance the experience, like Avatar. There is much promise, though. Nintendo has announced that some remakes will be made for the DS. Smart marketing move, especially since the flagship of the remakes in none other then The Orcarina of Time.

The 3DS looks promising. Time will tell how promising it really is.