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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The iPad as an eBook Reader

Let's talk about the competition. The Apple iPad has just recently been released, and with it comes an application that allows you to read eBooks. In fact, it has a Kindle application that plays all Amazon eBooks.

So it asks the question: "With the iPad is there any point of the Kindle?"

Let's find out:


Price: $500


  • The first color eBook reader. This is great for books that are filled with illustrations and diagrams. It handles all the colors wonderfully.
  • Apps for the Kindle store as well as Barnes and Nobel. Memory that can store thousands of books from either marketplace; therefore more variety.
  • Beautiful touch screen that allows you to flip pages cleanly and concisely.
  • The biggest selection of periodicals over any other reader. Great for the daily news, and other little information avenues.
  • Other than being an eBook reader is also able to play music, photos and has access to thousands of other applications.


  • Very, very glare prone. Outside in the sun it is nearly impossible to use as a reader.
  • Doesn’t have a 3G network yet, unlike the free one that comes with the Kindle.
  • No ability or annotation and other kinds of notes on the books you are reading.
  • Battery life dies out quickly.
  • Isn’t specifically as eBook reader therefore lacks the same kind of care and attention the other ones have.

Besides the fact that the iPad is full of color and looks great without the sun, it's still - for a great reading experience - is not up to par with the Kindle. It's still a great purchase, but it's not something that should be bought for the reasons of having an eBook reader. For that I still suggest the Amazon Kindle.

For more comparison, check out:

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