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Monday, June 21, 2010

The 3D of Nintendo 3DS

The future is here. 3D technology is on the rise, with movies like Avatar being the torch holder. Personally I love 3D technology; I think it enhances the movie experience ten fold, and is going to be a main foundation for the future entertainment industry. It's just the most suitable next step. After 3D, well... Star Trek holodeck anyone?

The gaming industry is also taking notice of this recent rise in 3D popularity, with Nintendo trying to grab hold of the reins. Recently it was announced that a new DS would be coming out later this year, and it would be a DS that was 3D.

Initial reactions?

This won't work. This is the end of the DS. What is Nintendo thinking?

Kind of sounds like the reaction when the Wii was announced, doesn't it? If we've learned anything over the years is that Nintendo usually knows what its doing. The company always knows when to seize the moment. If Avatar was the catalyst for movies, then the 3DS is that same thing for the gaming world.


Time to look at the different aspects of the 3DS. The most notable question everyone is asking is what kind of 3D will the DS posses? Will it require glasses?

The 3D of Nintendo 3DS
  • The 3D technology of the DS is called Lenticular Viewing. This type of 3D technology does`t require glasses. Let me repeat. Does. Not. Require. Glasses. Anyone cheering yet? That was the biggest concern when the system was announced, and Nintendo was shrewd enough to know that if they wanted to have any kind of success they needed to not have glasses.
  • So what is Lenticular Viewing? It uses a 3D technology that causes the image emitted to be emitted in two different ways. The eyes then receive each image and the brain is given the illusion of depth and 3D. Kind of like looking through a window. The problem, or downfall, of this technology is that the user has to hold the DS a certain distance away, and can't move or shake the DS in any wild manners. Talk about a very subdued gaming experience.
  • The games so far look promising, although a little gimmicky. They don't try and do any pop-outs like early 3D movies, but instead try to enhance the experience, like Avatar. There is much promise, though. Nintendo has announced that some remakes will be made for the DS. Smart marketing move, especially since the flagship of the remakes in none other then The Orcarina of Time.

The 3DS looks promising. Time will tell how promising it really is.

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