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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before 3D We Have Kinect - Kinect Sports

I`d like to continue this little series of Kinect blog posts.  It's the most notable change occurring in the video game industry, as well as the closest that world is getting to 3D.  It's a more interactive way of gaming, more so than the Wii, and if the marketplace (both casual and hardcore alike) accept it - well - 3D games is just the next step.  Right?  I hope so. 

Kinect sports is just how it sounds.  It's a sports game, like Wii sports, except much more interactive.  The biggest difference between Kinect Sports and  Wii Sports is that there is no need for controllers.  The technology just has you stand in a general vicinity of the Kinect console and it will analyze and compensate from there - it will even follow you around.  Talk about being in a different world. 

Check out a hands on video:

It's the future.  Let's embrace the change. 

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