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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Future of 3D Gaming

Time to take a little break from my series on Xbox Kinect.  That's all good and great, but it's not really getting to the meat of the problem.  It's more of... postponing it.  What about the real future of 3D Video Games - is there even one?

According to Microsoft's Chris Lewis there is one.  Although it may take a few more years until it's actually realized.

Lewis says, "We are two to three years away from that, till the price point comes down, till the experience is sufficiently social, that you don’t sit there with big glasses on and don’t talk to your family..."   In other words Lewis believes that for 3D to become successful and marketable and first has to become socially acceptable.  That means, yes, 3D without glasses, as well as games that can do more than just be trivial center pieces. 

3D could also come sooner to some systems and later to others.  Currently Sony is the leader in 3D TV's and this could mean that they will be the first to create an abundance of 3D games.   In fact the PlayStation store already has 3D games available to download - if you have a 3D TV which supports it. 

A spokesperson for Sony has stated, "PlayStation has always been about outstanding entertainment.   The stereoscopic 3D collection showcases the depth of technology behind PS3 and gives us a feel for the potential for future releases."

It seems there is a new battle that is about to be waged in the gaming world...

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