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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Before 3D We Have Kinect

The change into 3D Video Games isn't as easy as a process changing the movie industry into 3D.  No, that in comparison, was easy.  The video game world is much more stubborn, much more matriculate in its change, much more... detailed in how it wants its world to be.  If that all sounded it a bit vague and preposterous, that`s okay - that was the point.  The medium of video games is one of the newest mediums out there - we`re still trying to gain respect and acceptance from the rest of the market - so the truth is we don`t actually know what we want.  We need to revolutionize slowly.

And that may mean changing other technology first, and getting to the 3D part later (ignore Nintendo, they're there own tangent.)  

And this change comes in the form of the Xbox Kinect.  It's like the Wii, but is much more advanced, and has a much greater appeal.  It's able to attract both the casual gamers and the hardcore: this is good, since both these populations are what make the world of video games go round.  But first let's focus on casual.  They will be the hardest to convince that 3D is the future of gaming; we have to go slow, ease them into change.

And this is where Kinect, and Kinect Fitness comes in.  Check it out:

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